Intercultural ethics

Norbert Bilbeny

Professor, Writer & Painter.

Born in 1953, Bilbeny is an emeritus Professor of Ethics at the University of Barcelona in Spain and is the author of many books on moral and political philosophy.  Bilbeny is also an abstract painter.

Norbert Bilbeny amb ulleres, camisa, corbata a ratlles i americana fosca.


Norbert Bilbeny (Barcelona, 1953) is an emeritus professor (Catedrático) of Ethics at the University of Barcelona. He was the former Dean of the School of Philosophy and the former Director of the Department of Theoretical and Practical Philosophy at the university. Moreover, Bilbeny was the co-founder and former president of the Committee of Research Integrity at the Public Health Institute of Barcelona (IMAS). He was also the founder and former director of the master’s degree in Immigration and Intercultural Education at the UB and he was the Director of the master’s in Citizenship and Human Rights. In addition to this, Bilbeny founded and was the Director of the Observatori d’Ètica Intercultural (Parc Científic de Barcelona). He is coordinator of the research group GISME



Bilbenys Doctoral thesis (1982, cum laude) was on Noucentisme philosophy, a cultural and political movement in 20th century in Catalonia. His main research areas include intercultural ethics, ethics and the professions, the ethical foundations of citizenship as well as European and global citizenship.

Bilbeny has lectured and taught at many universities abroad: he has been a visiting scholar at the University of California at Berkeley, Harvard University, University of Toronto, Northwestern University and CNRS in Paris. Bilbeny was also a Tinker Fellow and visiting professor at the University of Chicago as well as a visiting professor at the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey and Loyola University in Chicago. In 1979 he was awarded the Joan Estelrich prize, the Josep Pla prize in 1984, and the Anagrama essay award in 1987. Bilbeny has, on occasion, collaborated with several newspapers: AvuiDiari de Barcelona, and, as of 1985, he regularly contributes to La Vanguardia


Norbert has written more than 50 books, about intercultural ethics, political philosophy, catalan & spanish thought and other topics.


A link between ethics and aesthetics.

Black and yellow painting

Smelling wood, 2021

Oil on sacks

The road to the beach, 2021

Oil on sacks

Gray painting