Cover of the book "Eugeni d'Ors i la ideologia del Noucentisme" by Norbert Bilbeny

Eugeni d'Ors and Catalan Noucentisme Ideology

I) A study of Noucentisme aesthetics: Social aspects: “Art regenerador” – Rejection of positivism: ”Albir” – Post-pragmatism: “Joc” – Objective idealism: “Limits” – Rejection of social dialectics: “Tradició” II) A study of the Noucentisme ethics: The personal ethical imperative: “Obra ben feta” – The morality of personal perfection: “Reforma espiritual” – The moral norm of intersubjectivity: “Civilitat” – The collective ethical archetype: “Santa Continuïtat” III) A study of Noucentisme politics: A social class within another class: “Minoria” – A new enlightened despotism: “Ciutat” – The result of a non liberal nationalism: “Imperialisme” – The fall of bourgeois intellectuals: “Authority”

In its former presentation as doctoral thesis, this book won the 1982 Extraordinary Award of the School of Philosophy at the University of Barcelona. It also deserved the 1984 Joaquim Carreras i Artau Award of the Catalan Studies Institute.​