Cover of the book “Filosofía política” by Norbert Bilbeny

Political Philosophy

  • Political Philosophy 
  • Politics: Action, Power, Political identity 
  • Political society and civil society: Judgement in politics 
  • Political systems: concepts and forms 
  • The means and ends of different political systems: Does the end justify the means? 
  • The preference norms of political systems: The principle of liberty. The principle of equality 
  • The problem of legitimacy 
  • The concept and forms of government: The autocratic government. The democratic government 
  • The pluralism paradigm 
  • The methods of political government: Direct democracy. Representative democracy – The problem of governance 
  • The ends of political government: Political ideologies 
  • The international ordering of peace 
  • International democratic liberalism 
  • The concept of citizenship: Intercultural citizenship 
  • Civic virtues 
  • The problem of political obligation: the concept and theories 
  • The limits of the political government: Rights and duties of government. Rights and duties of citizens 
  • Political disobedience.