Paintings Gallery

Selection of paintings

It has been a moving adventure and a privilege for me to accompany Norbert as a friend and as a study companion on this first voyage of his to the world of visual arts and painting. His humble and rigorous ways, which are at the same time ambitious and casual, his thorough and obsessive tenacity, the need to explain something that only he knows-suspects and that does not have a translation in words: a certain tolerance of anguish and fear… I am convinced that these characteristics are essential to create a collection of intense and relevant works such as those he presents today.
— Gino Rubert

Why do I paint?

Philosophy has always led me to painting. Light and colors have long been used to illustrate philosophical ideas and metaphors: Plato, Plotinus, Grosseteste, Goethe, Bachelard, Merleau-Ponty… Thoughts are words, which are signs, just as paintings are. Painting especially refers to signs in space and that are grounded in colors.

Philosophy addresses signs in time and is bounded by concepts, the more transparent the better. Furthermore, painting and philosophy are similar in their common attraction to light and the celebration of proportions and shades. As such, there is a link between ethics and aesthetics. Within them there are always moods that represents their living existence: the moral mood and the artistic mood. They are very much alike.

Beauty is goodness entering through the senses. It represents the promise of a better world, even though it is an unattainable world – because art must not be an escape from reality. This is why I paint and I cannot wait to have more time to be able to do so. 

Norbert Bilbeny stand up behind one of his paintings.