Cover of the book "Filosofia contemorània a Catalunya" by Norbert Bilbeny

Contemporary Philosophy in Catalonia

I) The ideological debate: From Catholic apologetics to Christian spiritualism – Jaume Balmes: Between old and new – From positivism to philosophy of science – Ramon Turró: A genetic theory of knowledge – Social thought: federalism, anarchism, nationalism, socialism – Manuel Sacristán: A philosophy of Marxism – II) The academic thought: Philosophy in university restoration – Ramon Martí d’Eixalà: analysis of consciousness – Xavier Llorens i Barba: philosophy of common sense – Manuel Milà i Fontanals in the beginning of aesthetics – Barcelona’s Universitat Autònoma’s philosophers – Joaquim Xirau: Love and education – Francesc Mirabent: A morality of beauty – Josep Ferrater i Móra: A crossing of languages – III) Cultural Modernity: From Renaixença to Noucentisme – Eugeni d’Ors: The volume of thought – Joan Crexells, a complete 20th-century philosophy – Philosophical writing under the dictatorship and the end of 20th century – Eugenio Trías: Being and passion.- Xavier Rubert de Ventós: Distressed modernity.