Cover of the book “Humanidades e investigación científica” by Norbert Bilbeny

The Humanities and Scientific Research. A Necessary Proposal (with Joan Guàrdia, eds.)

Preface – Prologue. Humanities and knowledge – Humanities and Science. The doctor’s profession – Reflections on the autonomy principle, connectivity and technoethics – The role of humanities in economic research. Analysis, evaluation, proposals – Curiosity as a motor for research – Another brick in the wall? – Design and art: researchers that create, artists and designers that research. Research and creation at the junction between humanities and technology and between human sciences and natural sciences – How can you recognize a philosopher (in general)? – Humanising the economy – From science to literature. The road to law in face of uncertainty – Wandering psychology: from the humanities to health sciences through the social sciences. Where are we? – We are all letters: consecuences of the hermeneutic change on the articulation of knowledge – Some comments on science and knowledge – Science minus humanities equals zero – Genetic horoscopes – Research in human sciences – Science and literature – Looking at time