Cover of the book "La ideologia nacionalista a Catalunya" by Norbert Bilbeny

The Nationalist Ideology in Catalonia

Balmes and traditionalist romanticism – Republicans and pre-Marxist socialists – Bourgeois regionalism – Pi i Margall and federalism – Almirall and former political Catalanism – Cultural Catalanism and expansive Latinism – The First International in Catalonia – Modernism: nationalism and cosmopolitanism – Torras i Bages and the Catalanist Catholic church – Consolidation of conservative nationalism – The doctrinal nationalism of Prat de la Riba – Joan Maragall and his civic ideas – Alomar and leftist Catalanism – Martí i Julià: nationalism and socialism – Noucentisme as a myth of arrangement – Bofill i Mates: nationalism as ethics – Crexells and intellectual Catalanism – Rovira i Virgili: the left face to nationalities – Serra i Moret: social-democracy in the 1920 decade – Anarchism and the libertarian union trade movement – Andreu Nin and Marxism in the 1930 decade – Carles Cardó and the starting Christian democracy – Political theory and the national quest after 1939.