Cover of the book "La revolución en la ética" by Norbert Bilbeny

A revolution in Ethics. Habits and beliefs in the digital society

The mind of digital society – A mutation of human senses – Consequences for ethics – Informational culture and evaluative culture – The so called “crisis of values” – Replacement of habits and beliefs – The revolution of ethems – The need for habits and beliefs – Habits and beliefs linked to senses – The customary displacement of sensitivity – The contempt of senses – The five senses of moral interaction – Touch and morality – Human hand as cultural symbol – Gaze and morality – The human eye as a cultural symbol – The work of the senses – Psychophysiology of touch and human conduct – Psychology of gaze and human conduct – Touch and gaze in non-human conduct – Evolutionary patterns in human interaction – The evolutionary features of ethics – Towards an ethics of a common moral minimum – Cognitive ethics and sensitivity – The recovery of touch and gaze.

This book won the 25th Anagrama Prize for essays in 1997.