Cover of the book “Un mundo mejor” by Norbert Bilbeny

A Better World? A moral balance from the Cold War to Now

First Part by N. Bilbeny: Is the World going worst?.- Usual answers to the
question.- Difficulty of any answer.- The importance of finding an answer.-
Which things do we compare?.- Is a comparison possible?.- Contrast to
past periods.- The World Wars period (1914-1945).- The Cold War period
(1945-1989).- The Post Cold War Period (1989-2001).- The “War on
Terror” period (2001 to now).- The social problems of the new century.-
Structural traits of our time.- A world without rules.- Utopia as an exit
door.- The dynamics of morality-. Moral retrospective from 1914 until
now.- Why we are not better?.- Why we are worst?.- Do not be cruel, do
not be indifferent.- The lion did not have teeth.- Book references